28 august 2016

In Baghdad, everything is calm

The Eltuz correspondent in the Fergana region reports that night duties in the cities and districts in Ferghana will last until September 20th.

According to the representative of the mahalla committee (a meeting of citizens) living in the Baghdad area, in compliance with this assigned task, 3 people between the age of 18 and 55 coming from each village have to go on night duty.

“We sent to the citizens’ local assembly a list of the people on duty, as well as the schedule of duties.” – said the representative of the citizens’ committee.

According to him, those on duty will work from 8 pm to 5 am. During the service, workers are have to control and monitor all who enters and leaves the village. To do this, temporary checkpoints were stablished before each access to the villages.

“For example, there are three roads leading to our kishlak. Consequently, every night, nine people will be there on duty. Also, we were told “from the top” that the Ministry of Interior and the prosecutor’s office will check and monitor the performance of people on duty. In case there is no person on duty in any of the assigned posts, the male population of the mahalla will be fined.”

On the night of August 26th, one of the people on duty told Eltuz per telephone that the project was very successful.

“Yes, we are on duty by three people. Until now no person, other than the villagers, entered the village. As we have been said, we will be here on duty until 4 am”, – said a resident of the village in the Baghdad area.

In the Baghdad district of the Ferghana region, there are about 80 villages. The area itself is divided into 15 areas. This project aiming at protecting the entry points to the villages and the local population, has been organized throughout the whole Ferghana region.

Nasima Davron қizi,
correspondent Alias Eltuz

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