3 august 2016

Farmers in the Yakkabag district were taken away wheat crops

Since July, the local authorities have forcibly taken away the wheat grown by citizens in rainfed (unirrigated) home gardens in the villages Samak, Beshkyapa, Mundjir, Novqishlok, Shirinbuloq, Serop of the Yakkabag district in the Surkhandarya region.

Our cartoonist Elsevar in his caricature ironically deals with this sad topic. According to Radio Ozodlik which made reference to the affected farmers, harvesters were sent to the wheat fields on plots of land of the local population. Local authorities ordered to gather the wheat, in the state’s interest. The collection of wheat was carried out under the strict control of the police. Peasants expressing discontent with the authorities’ actions were temporarily taken into custody. They were released after their planted and cultivated wheat had already been collected. Radio Ozodlik further reported that the authorities had mobilised about forty police officers and six harvesters to carry out this action. According to the farmers, they never before had to deal with the authorities’ lawlessness of this magnitude.

Artist: Elsevar

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