6 july 2016

President Karimov boasts of his dance for Putin before local farmers

On June 30, during a meeting with local farmers in the Termez district of the Surkhandarya region, President Karimov boasted that he had danced for the participants of the 2016 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit. Karimov said that when the Khorezm Lazgi music sounded in the room, his feet began to dance by themselves. “Everyone sat beside me .. On the right side and on the left side .. the leaders of the major countries … the leader of China … I testify that all of them were delighted. Unexpectedly, I started to dance,” said Islam Karimov. His story caused exclamations of delight and applause among the farmers around him.

Long-term president Islam Karimov became the first dancing leader in the history of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. And I remember another anecdote about dancing: when Nikita Khrushchev, performed the Ukrainian dance Hopak for Stalin.


Author & Artist: Yozhik

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