13 september 2017

Head of Saykhunobod District Administration Assaults School Directors

A video of the head of the Saykhunobod District administration physically abusing school directors appeared on the internet on 12 September.

The video posted on the website shows Nosirjon Egamberdiyev, the head of the Saykhunobod District administration of Sirdaryo Region, humiliating and beating about ten school directors standing in line in front of him.

As the head of the district administration speaks, he is heard reprimanding the school directors for not bringing school teachers to Independence day festivities.

«Why did you not go? Why are you being so irresponsible? Put your hands down!» he shouts at the school director who is trying to explain himself.

«I have punished the poor head of the district education department, but actually, you are guilty too. Why don’t you respect your own district?», he shouts.

As he turns to the next director, while repeatedly hitting him he says: «Are you not ashamed? It is the independence holiday! The holiday of the motherland! You good-for-nothing!» and continues to assault and humiliate him.

The source of the website says that the governor of the region reprimanded Nosirjon Egamberdiyev for poor organization of the independence celebrations which is why he is c castigating the school directors.

Previously, Nosirjon Egamberdiyev was the head of the professional education department. He was appointed the head of Saykhunobod District administration in October, 2016.

When the video was published Eltuz received these remarks from a school teacher in Gulistan city (Syrdarya region).

“I knew Nosir Egamberdiev before he became the head of the district administration. He had worked at the Sirdaryo Region education department. He used to take part in many meetings He was like a fierce dog. He never treats schoolteachers as human beings. He always shouts at them. That’s how governors behave. Maybe this is why he has been appointed the head of the district administration, so that he would assault people. As soon as the cotton harvest campaign kicks off, the school directors are afraid of meeting him. Because, if people fail to pick the required quota of cotton, the governors first beat, humiliate or sack all the heads of education departments, then the school directors. As far as the school directors are concerned, they then apply “what they have learned” from the khokim (governor) to the teachers working under their leadership. For this reason, both the school directors and teachers cannot speak the truth about the cotton harvest”.

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